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EN Rules dicegame ( DE / NL ):

Object of the board game

Dicegame is played with 2 players at The object of the board game is making certain combinations by rolling the dice and score as many points as possible. Every player has three columns for recording the score. The first column counts only once, the second twice and the third even three times. In this way, it looks a bit like triple Yahtzee.

Rolling the dice

You start each turn by rolling 5 dice. You can use these immediately, but you can also choose to roll some of the dice again while keeping the others fixed. You can do this again a second time, so you have three attempts. If you are satisfied with your roll, or if you're not but you're not allowed to roll any more, you must record your score on the form. You can't replace a recorded score later on. If you click the button "Roll the dice", the dice with the checked box will be rolled again. You can also check/uncheck a box by clicking its die.

Possible scores

In the upper half of the form, you score points for each die which has the value indicated by the row. Your score is the number of those dice, multiplied by the value. So 3 sixes will score 3*6=18 points (but only on the "Sixes" row).
In the lower half of the form, you score points if you have one of the following combinations:
  • Three of a kind: if you have at least 3 dice with the same value, you score the total amount of points on your dice, so 6-6-6-2-1 will score 21 points.
  • Four of a kind: if you have at least 4 dice with the same value, you score the total amount of points on your dice.
  • Full House: if you have 3 dice with the same value, and the 2 other dice are also equal (but different from the other 3), you score 25 points.
  • Small straight: if you have at least 4 straight dice (e.g. 1, 2, 3 and 4), you score 30 points.
  • Large straight: if you have 5 straight dice (2, 3, 4, 5 and either 1 or 6), you score 40 points.
  • Five of a kind: if all your dice have the same value, you score a massive 50 points.
  • Chance: there are no requirements for a chance, you score the total amount of points on your dice.

    Below you see a game which has just started: one player has rolled a large straight twice, while the other has scored only a chance.

    If you choose to record a score which doesn't meet the requirements, you get a zero (0) score.


    If you score at least 63 points in the upper six rows of a certain column, you get a bonus of 35 points in that column. If you roll three dice of every number, you will get exactly 63 points and qualify for the bonus.

    End of the board game

    The board game ends if the form is completely filled. The winner is the one with the highest total score. Remember, the totals of the second and third column are doubled and tripled, respectively!


    Make sure you record your high scores in the third column, so if you roll five of a kind for the first time, you should put it in the third column. You should also definitely try to score a bonus there. But if you're gonna make that easy, it will pay to put a high score in the second column to score the bonus there also. Try to make your 3 and 4 of a kind scores as high as possible by making them with fives and sixes.

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