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Woordspel und/en/and Woordenmix online

(Montag, 31. Oktober 2022)

(Nederlandse tekst hieronder - English text below)

Liebe Spielerinnen und Spieler,

ab sofort könnt ihr bei uns Woordspel und Woordenmix spielen. Dies sind die niederländischen Varianten unserer deutschsprachigen Spiele Wortspiel und Worthatz.

Falls ihr euch fragt, warum wir auf BSN niederländische Sprachvarianten anbieten? Das liegt daran, dass unsere Partnerseite Ende August 2023 die Pforten schließt, und wir dafür sorgen wollen, dass deren Spielerinnen und Spieler bei uns weiter spielen können und sich auch heimisch fühlen. Später werden wir auch die englischen Varianten dieser Spiele bei uns bereitstellen, weil auch, unsere englische Partnerseite, den Betrieb einstellen wird. Diese englischen Spiele sind vielleicht auch für mehr Spieler hier interessant!

Wir arbeiten weiterhin daran, dass die Webseite für unsere niederländischen und englischsprachigen Gäste zum Teil (!) in deren Sprachen übersetzt werden. Das ist ein großes Projekt und wird noch dauern, aber wir sind dran. In der Zwischenzeit könnt ihr im Webbrowser Edge auch einstellen, dass die deutschen Seiten automatisch auf Englisch oder Niederländisch übersetzt werden sollen. Bitte teilt uns eure Erfahrungen mit, am besten im Forum.

Später sollen weitere Spiele - vor allem von Corné van Moorsel - kommen, die dann wie gewohnt auch auf Deutsch spielbar sein werden.

Es bleibt spannend und die Arbeit wird kaum weniger...
Eure Admins
Mathomo und InI4


Beste spelers,

vanaf nu kun je Woordspel en Woordenmix bij ons spelen. Dit zijn de Nederlandse versies van onze Duitstalige spellen Wortspiel en Worthatz.

Als u zich afvraagt waarom wij Nederlandse taalvarianten op BSN aanbieden? Het is omdat onze partnersite eind augustus 2023 zijn deuren sluit, en we willen ervoor zorgen dat hun spelers bij ons kunnen blijven spelen en zich ook thuis voelen. Later zullen we ook de Engelse versies van deze spellen hier beschikbaar maken, omdat, onze Engelse partnersite, ook zal sluiten. Deze Engelse spellen zijn misschien ook interessant voor meer spelers hier!

Wij zijn nog bezig de website voor onze Nederlands- en Engelstalige gasten gedeeltelijk (!) in hun talen te vertalen. Dit is een groot project en zal enige tijd in beslag nemen, maar we werken eraan. Ondertussen kunt u uw Edge-webbrowser ook zo instellen dat de Duitse pagina's automatisch in het Engels of Nederlands worden vertaald. Laat ons uw ervaringen weten, bij voorkeur op het forum.

Later zullen meer spellen worden toegevoegd - vooral van Corné van Moorsel - die dan gewoon in het Duits speelbaar zullen zijn.

Het blijft spannend en het werk zal nauwelijks minder worden...
Uw admins
Mathomo en InI4

Vertaald met (gratis versie)
Dear players,

from now on you can play Woordspel and Woordenmix at our site. These are the Dutch versions of our German-language games Wortspiel and Worthatz.

If you are wondering why we offer Dutch language variants on BSN: It's because our partner site is closing its doors at the end of August 2023, and we want to make sure that the players there can continue to play with us at BSN and also feel at home. Later, we will also make the English versions of these games available, because, our English partner site, will also shut down. These English games might also be interesting for some players here, who want to train English!

We are still working on translating the website for our Dutch and English speaking guests partly (!) into their languages. This is a big project and will take some time, but we are working on it. In the meantime, you can also use Edge as web browser to automatically translate the German pages into English or Dutch. Please let us know your experiences, preferably in the forum, because we don't know by sure, if this will work without problems.

Later on, more games will be added - especially by Corné van Moorsel - which will then be playable in German as usual.

It remains exciting and the work hardly becomes less...
Your Admins
Mathomo and InI4



buffalo147, Dienstag, 1. November 2022 (00:49):
Great, i will try both games. I did open two new games now; i don't see them at Offene Spiele though (or is it normal the games you opened yourself are not visible ?).

I guess tournaments for those games will start later ?

I also notice at the Hilfe page there is no link to both games yet.

When looking at the rules of Woordenmix, at the bottom, the link to the rules of Woordspel doesn't work. (in the url at Woordenmix it says "spelregels", that should be "spielregeln" icon_wink.gif

Avatar buffalo147
buffalo147, Dienstag, 1. November 2022 (00:52):
To add words or ask for the meaning of words the link still goes to i notice. So i guess you use the same database of words, and every change will result in being able to make those words here too ?

And what after JijBent definitively stopped ? Will Marianne come over to BSN too ? Or that things to worry about later ? icon_wink.gif

Avatar buffalo147
Yokra, Dienstag, 1. November 2022 (01:04):
Great. Thank you for this. I noticed I could not yet choose it as "SpielVorliebe"... but i guess that will be done later...

Avatar Yokra
buffalo147, Dienstag, 1. November 2022 (01:10):
It is also still not possible to challenge someone directly in the game i notice, and it is not in the Farbcode list.
And team games also not available yet. icon_wink.gif
Not that i want to hurry you guys icon_lol.gif Just summing up where i still not see it, in case you forgot something. icon_wink.gif

Avatar buffalo147
buffalo147, Dienstag, 1. November 2022 (01:32):
An addition to challenging someone: you can fill out the name of the player you want to play against at the page of "neues spiel".
But you can't invite a player from his profile page, because the two games are not in the selection there. icon_wink.gif

Interesting additions for Woordspel on the JB version: you can mix your letters to maybe see a better word, and below the board it is possible to see what letters are still in the game.
The extra buttons for those extra things are however in german, and i had to translate them to know their meaning. icon_razz.gif icon_wink.gif

Avatar buffalo147
buffalo147, Dienstag, 1. November 2022 (01:42):
Hmmm, i asked a team member, and she doesn't see my open games for woordspel and woordenmix either.
So i guess if nobody sees them i will only keep seeing them on my own page as "ungestartete spiele" because noone will ever accept them (because they not see them) icon_wink.gif

Avatar buffalo147
buffalo147, Dienstag, 1. November 2022 (01:57):
And the ratings (Wertungen) should be checked too. We seem to start from zero instead of 1500 vorläufig

Avatar buffalo147
Mathomo, Dienstag, 1. November 2022 (10:56):
Hi buffalo147,
thanks a lot for your good comments. We will look into that in the next days.

Avatar Mathomo
Mathomo, Dienstag, 1. November 2022 (11:53):
Yes, tournaments will start later. This is the usual procedure at BSN.
The check of words should point to our database. Will check. And Marianne is already here. She will administer the Dutch wordlist and help on other topics.
- Hilfe-page shows games.
- spelregels of woordenmix works now.
- Spielvorlieben shows games.
- Invitation works.
- Neues Spiel works: Your game and others are shown.
- Ratings at 1500.

Avatar Mathomo
buffalo147, Dienstag, 1. November 2022 (12:04):
Same procedure as on JB for new games. icon_wink.gif Great to hear Marianne is here too, probably she can get her own space on the forum then too (can also be done later). icon_razz.gif

Avatar buffalo147
buffalo147, Dienstag, 1. November 2022 (12:12):
Wow, you guys are fast, thank you so much icon_razz.gif
Most now seems to work. On team page all looks allright. Can also give it a color now too.

I only see two things left at the moment:

on the rules page of both games the images not worh at this moment.

And it still not shows up on your own profile page in Spielzahlen und Fraben von (player name)

Avatar buffalo147
buffalo147, Dienstag, 1. November 2022 (12:44):
Please also look at the score for a word:

in spiel 2844295 i start with an 8-letterrword (hergeven; where the V is a blank; and the G is on double letter score).

With my letters i score 15 points, it should be multiplied by 3 first (i use the dark red one too off course). Then the 45 points should be doubled, because i play all my 8 letters. I only got the 45 points (so doubling for palying all your letters in one turn not seems to work). icon_wink.gif

Avatar buffalo147
buffalo147, Dienstag, 1. November 2022 (12:48):
the images on the rule page do work again too.And on the profile page the games show up too with the colour you gave.

That leaves just the scoring to look at for now. icon_wink.gif

Avatar buffalo147
Vincita, Dienstag, 1. November 2022 (18:32):
Super super super, so froh! Danke smak.gif smak.gif

Avatar Vincita
buffalo147, Mittwoch, 2. November 2022 (17:08):
Another bug: the letter Y also counts for IJ in the dutch version.
That not seems the case here: makes it very difficult in woordenmix to play that letter.
I try for example: YS (is IJS = ice (in egnlsih)). But it is not counted as valid.

Avatar buffalo147
Mathomo, Mittwoch, 2. November 2022 (18:30):
The scoring is doubled now, if you play all 8 letters at woordspel.
Also the equivalence of ij and y should be recognized now.
Please inform us, if there are other problems.

Sorry, but we did oversee these specialties in the Dutch version and it wasnt found in the test icon_sad.gif .

Avatar Mathomo
buffalo147, Mittwoch, 2. November 2022 (20:32):
no problem, with word games i guess there can be differences with languages, needing exceptional rules to make the game playable enough. icon_wink.gif

Does this mean in the german version you not get a double score when playing all 8 letters in one turn ? You might consider this, because it leads to very beautiful words being laid on the board. Without the doubling there are most of the times other options that score bigger or almost the same without using all of your letters.
But i not know the german language well enough to estimate if that counts for the german version too. icon_wink.gif

Avatar buffalo147
Mathomo, Mittwoch, 2. November 2022 (21:27):
When we integrated Wortspiel at the German site, we decided that this double score was too accidental. You will see that in the German version of the games, we eliminated also other random factors. In domino e. g. you can get as maximum 3 new stones, if you can`t put a stone. At jijbent you could get 10 and more...

Avatar Mathomo
buffalo147, Mittwoch, 2. November 2022 (22:15):
Yes, you are right about that. It's a choice off course. Games do tend to have random and luck factors; but you can eliminate them off course by adding special rules. icon_wink.gif

I like that rule of domino. And each getting one joker at the start in rummy also erases a big luck factor.
The fact you can shoot again after a hit in Schiffe Versenken probably makes the game go faster.
And the different scoring per mine and the extra points when turning numbered blcoks in minesweeper even asks for different tactics in the game (less gambling). So i do like all those rule changes. icon_wink.gif
But in word game the doubling score adds to the pleasure. Off course it's hard when someone can open with an 8-letter word, but there are as many times that you can do this yourself. And later on in the game it adds to the tactics, making sure you not leave too much open space so your opponent can come back by playing all his 8 letters. So i like to keep that rule in the dutch version. icon_razz.gif

Avatar buffalo147
Esme, Freitag, 4. November 2022 (07:44):
Nice!! I feared to fall in a big black hole when the dutch site closes next year. But I can go on playing Woordspel here. That's great. Thank you very much for your efforts thanx.gif

Avatar Esme
buffalo147, Freitag, 4. November 2022 (23:10):
I also nitoced the buttons above the board are translated in dutch yes.gif

Avatar buffalo147
Esme, Sonntag, 20. November 2022 (16:55):
I'm also very happy. Already trying some games of woordspel. Everything works well, almost the same as jij bent. Will keep on playing there, until the lights go out

Avatar Esme
Roos-, Freitag, 9. Dezember 2022 (08:23):
Is het mogelijk om hier te converseren in het Nederlands?
Dat zou voor velen van ons, die van 'Jij bent ' komen wel handig zijn.
Dank jullie wel icon_smile.gif

Avatar Roos-
Mathomo, Samstag, 10. Dezember 2022 (13:45):
Je doet het al :) . Er zijn hier geen taalverboden! In principe kan iedereen schrijven wat hij wil. Voor alle duidelijkheid: Natuurlijk hebben we liever dat u in het Duits of Engels schrijft. Dit zijn talen die we begrijpen. U kunt uw bericht ook in schrijven en laten vertalen. Als je het niet doet, moeten we... Dus als u ons werk wilt besparen, gebruik dan de vertaaldiensten op het web. Vertaald met (gratis versie)

Avatar Mathomo

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