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DE Rules Wordhunt ( EN ):

Introduction and Objective of the Game

Worthatz - the hunt for words - is played on a 15x15 field. In each round, both players receive the same 15 letters, drawn at random from the letter bank (see below). With these 15 letters everyone has to try to score as many points as possible. To do this, everyone places words on their playing field, which must all be connected to each other. Additionally, there is a bonus if all 15 letters are used. After 10 rounds the game ends.

Letters, letter value, and bonuses

Each letter in the game has its own value (shown next to the letter). There are 102 letters and 2 blanks (you can use them for any letter) in the game.
If a letter is used in two words, it is also scored twice - like in our wordgame. If all 15 letters are used in one move, there is an extra bonus of 15 points.

Course of play

Each turn starts with an empty board. Both players get the same 15 letters, drawn at random from the total supply of 102 letters (see above) each turn. This means that theoretically in every move e.g. the X can be available or there can also be a move without vowels.

Creating words

In each round the players create their combinations of words. You must observe the following rules for the words and letters:
  • A word is placed horizontally (from left to right) or vertically (from top to bottom). Diagonal is not allowed.
  • All words, i.e. having two or more letters, must be valid for themselves.
  • Several words can be placed, but all words must be connected, i.e. they must be connected to each other by at least one common letter.
The total score of a move consists of the individual score of the letters of all horizontal words plus the individual score of the letters of all vertical words (here letters are scored a second time if used twice) plus the bonus of 15 points if all 15 letters are used .

Below is an example of a move: Several words have been laid. If both players have had their turn with the same letters, both players get 15 new letters for the next move. And don't worry: the second player doesn't see the first player's laid out words until his turn is complete - so he can't cheat!

Valid words

Generally, our word list contains non-capitalized, non-hyphenated English words. Slang, Abbreviations, Informal language and Geographical names are not allowed (Words/verbs derived from an abbreviation are not allowed as well). Since wordgame will not allow you to enter illegal words, you can simply try different word combinations until you find words that are legal. We understand that this word list is different from the official Scrabble word list. However, since that word list is copyrighted, we have no choice but to use a public domain word list. Since everyone is using the same word list, using this word list is equally fair (or unfair) to everyone. You can ask us to add new words to our wordlist on the forum: New Words. We will only add words that comply to these rules and can be found in the Collins English Dictionary and the online dictionary TheFreeDictionary.

All valid 2 and 3 letter words can be found here.

End of the board game

After 10 rounds the game ends. The player with the greater total score wins.


Use as many letters as possible, especially the higher rated letters, in two words, i.e. one horizontally and one vertically. Try to put the words compactly, ie close together and overlapping, as more letters are counted twice. If you use all letters, you get 15 bonus points - this can be game-changing.

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