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Penguin (hey! that's my fish!) is a board game by Alvydas Jakeliunas and Günter Cornett and is published by Fantasy Flight Games. At the pole your Penguins are jumping from ice floe to ice floe hunting fish. They are also trying to block other Penguins and secure the best fishing grounds for themselves. The Penguin colony that catches the most fish by the end of the board game wins..

Starting play

60 hexagon tiles with 1, 2 or 3 fishes (30 with 1 fish, 20 with 2 fishes and 10 tiles with 3 fishes) are being randomly placed in a pattern of rows by The rows consist of 7 or 8 tiles. See below for an example.

1st phase: placing penguins

Every player gets 4 penguins at the start of the board game. The first player now places one of his Penguins on any one vacant ice floe that contains one fish. The other player does the same. And this continues until all their Penguins are placed on vacant 1-fish ice floes.

2nd phase: the hunt

The hunt starts as soon as all Penguins are put on ice floes! Penguin is played in game turns. Your turn consists of: (1) moving any one of your Penguins, and (2) picking up the ice floe where your Penguin started its movement:
  1. Your Penguin may move as far as it wants in a straight line in any direction you choose — as long as it only moves across vacant ice floes (not occupied by other penguins). However, it cannot change direction during its move. A Penguin may not enter or jump over an ice flow bearing another Penguin (even if it’s your own). And it cannot land on or skip empty spaces. It must stop before reaching an occupied floe or empty space.
  2. After a Penguin moves, the ice floe upon which it started is deleted from the board, and the number of fish on it is now part of your catch.

Board Game end

If you cannot move any of your Penguins at the start of your turn, your colony has finished fishing and eating. You must retire from the board game. The fishes of the ice floes upon which your Penguins stand, are added to your catch. The other player continues playing until he isn't able to play anymore: the game ends. Both players then counts the number of fish in their catch. The player with most fish wins the board game! If the players are tied, the tied player with the most ice floes is the winner. If there is still a tie, the game ends in a draw.

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