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EN Rules hedgehogs in a hurry ( DE / NL ):

German Box of Igel Ärgern

Introduction and Game Idea

Hedgehogs in a hurry (Igel Ärgern) is a game by Doris & Frank. Hedgehogs in a hurry is a game for 2 to 6 players. At you can play the game with 2 players.
The game is played on a board with lanes 1 to 6 and nine columns (a-i). Each player has 4 hedgehogs (= game pieces) of his color. In the online version, all hedgehogs are randomly and fairly placed in the starting column (a). The player who is the first to get 3 of his 4 hedgehogs into the target column (i) wins.


The players take turns to make a move. Each move consists of 3 steps:
  1. Rolling the die happens automatically here online!
  2. Sideways step: you can move one of your free hedgehogs sideways.
  3. Forward step: you must advance a free hedgehog in the diced track.
After the forward step, it is the other player's turn.

Blocked hedgehogs

Hedgehog stones on which other hedgehogs are standing are blocked. They cannot be moved, neither sideways nor forwards. In other words, only the top hedgehog in a stack is free, so it can be moved.

Step 1: Roll the die

Happens automatically in the online version, you can see the number rolled above the board. The die is initially ignored, but it determines which lane you must move forward in step 3.

Step 2: Move sideways

Next you may move a free, own hedgehog by one sideways (in target direction sideways = up or down). This step is voluntary. Any free hedgehog of your own can be used in any column of the racetrack.
Tip: You often use the sideways move best when preparing your own forward moves!
Example: The picture on the right shows some sideways moves.

Step 3: Move forward

At the end of your turn you have to move a free hedgehog one space (=one column) forward (in the target direction = to the right) on the path rolled. This can also be a hedgehog of your opponent. If there are several hedgehogs to choose from, you are free to choose. This step is mandatory, which means that if there is a hedgehog, one must also be drawn. Only if there is no free hedgehog in that path, this move expires.
Tip: Step 2 and Step 3 are completely separate. It can happen that you move the same hedgehog forward in step 3 that you moved sideways in step 2. But they can also be two different ones! There is also no obligation to move in step 2 in such a way that you can move forward in step 3.
Example(Illustration): Red has rolled 4 and must move a yellow hedgehog.

The Pitfalls

On each track is a pitfall as an obstacle. A hedgehog that has fallen into such a pit cannot pull, neither forwards nor sideways, so it is not free as long as there is a hedgehog behind him on any track!
Tip: The pitfalls become more and more dangerous towards the goal.

End of Game and Winner

As soon as a player's third hedgehog finishes, the game ends immediately and that player is the winner! It doesn't matter on which target square a hedgehog arrives, target squares can be stacked arbitrarily, and it doesn't matter who finally moves the third hedgehog to the finish.

Tactical Tips

In order to win hedgehogs as a dice game, you need luck. However, careful play can improve your chances:
  • Appreciate the sideways move. Often trivial, sometimes worthless, but under your control, the crucial tactical element.
  • Try to stand in such a way that you don't have to push forward opposing hedgehogs.
  • Try to stand in such a way that your opponent has to push you forward.

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