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EN Rules domino ( DE / NL ):

Object of the game

The object is to play all of your tiles on the board before your opponent does. The game is played in 4 rounds. The player with the least penalty points wins the game. White is the starting player in the first round and the starting player is switched every new round. In the beginning of a round a random tile is placed open on the board. This is the start tile. The start tile cannot be a double value tile. Below an example start situation.

The domino tiles.

There are 28 different domino tiles in this game (double six set). See below for all domino tiles.

Game play

Both players get random 7 tiles each. The rest is placed in the boneyard and used later in the game. Players take turns, if a player is on turn, he has to place one tile on the board following these rules:
  • It is required to place a tile on the board; passing is not allowed
  • You can only place a tile on 1 of the open end of the tiles on the board
  • You can only place a tile that has exact the same number of dots on it as on the tile where you place it on.
  • Tiles with a double value do not have a special meaning in this game. They are used in the same way as other tiles.
  • If you cannot move, you have to draw as many tiles from the boneyard as needed for you to be able to play a valid move. (This is done automatically on Rule change on The redrawing is now limited to a maximum of 3 stones. You may have to pass if you don't have a matching tile!

  • End of a round

    A round can end in 2 different ways:
  • As soon as a player has played his last tile, the round ends immediately
  • As soon as there are 2 tiles left in the boneyard and the player on move is not able to play a valid move, the round ends as well.

    At the end of a round players get penalty points for any tiles left. The penalty points are the values on the tiles left added up. If the winning player has no more tiles left, the opponent gets an extra 5 penalty points.

    In the image below you see a possible end situation where a player has no more tiles left.

    End of the game

    The game ends if 4 rounds are played. The player with the least penalty points (over 4 rounds) wins the game. If both players have the same amount of penalty points, the game ends in a draw.

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