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DE Rules Wordgame ( EN ):

Object of the board game

Wordgame on is played with 2 players on a board of 15x15. The object of wordgame is to place letters on the board that results in a higher score than your opponent.

Letters, letter value, and bonuses

Each letter in the game has its own value (shown next to the letter). You can earn bonuses when using the coloured squares. There are two types of bonus squares: letter bonuses and word bonuses. Letter bonuses multiply the score of the letter on that square. Word bonuses multiply the score of the entire word that includes the bonus square. Bonuses are only applied the first time a letter is placed on that square. Even if a new word is created in a different direction using that square, the bonus will not be applied. The blue squares are letter bonuses (light blue: letter value x 2, dark blue: letter value x 3). The red squares are word bonuses (pink: word value x 2, red: word value x 3). For any one word, only one word bonus will be applied. For example, if a word crosses a 3x word bonus and a 2x word bonus, only the 3x word bonus would apply. If a word crossed two 2x word bonuses, the word score would only be multiplied by 2, not 4. This restriction does not apply to letter bonuses, you will collect all letter bonuses that you hit.
There are 102 letters and 2 blanks (you can use them for any letter) in the game.

Start of the board game

The game starts with an empty board and every player gets randomly 8 letters from the bag. The first player has to create a word from at least 4 letters. That word must cover the center square in either a horizontal direction or a vertical direction. Once a letter is placed, it cannot be moved. It stays in that spot for the duration of the game. After a move the player gets randomly as many new letters from the bag as he needs to have 8 letters again. You cannot see your opponents letters. If the first 2 moves of the game are passed by both players, the two players will get new (random) letters.

Creating words

Placing letters (words) on the board:
  • Words can only be placed either across to the right, or down. Words cannot go up or to the left, nor can they be placed diagonally.
  • Words must 'connect' to another word on the board, and must form valid words. If the words cross in more than one place, then all resulting words must be legal.
  • A valid word is whatever is found in our word list.
To place the letters, first click on the letter you want to use and then on the square on the board where you want to place it. If you choose a letter that has just been placed, the letters are exchanged, i.e. the letter from the board goes back into the supply. When you have finished the word, you must first press the Button "Check word". If it is valid, the button "Submit move" becomes active. If not, it will show at the top that it is not valid and you will have to put another word or pass.

Other rules

There are some other rules:
  • If you have 2 word bonuses in the board game, only 1 will be used (the highest).
  • If you use all 8 letters in one turn, your word value is doubled.
  • There are two blanks in the game. These score 0 points, but they can substitute for any letter, so they are very useful.

Valid words

Generally, our word list contains non-capitalized, non-hyphenated English words. Slang, Abbreviations, Informal language and Geographical names are not allowed (Words/verbs derived from an abbreviation are not allowed as well). Since wordgame will not allow you to enter illegal words, you can simply try different word combinations until you find words that are legal. We understand that this word list is different from the official Scrabble word list. However, since that word list is copyrighted, we have no choice but to use a public domain word list. Since everyone is using the same word list, using this word list is equally fair (or unfair) to everyone. You can ask us to add new words to our wordlist on the forum: New Words. We will only add words that comply to these rules and can be found in the Collins English Dictionary and the online dictionary TheFreeDictionary.

All valid 2 and 3 letter words can be found here.

End of the board game

The board game is finished if there are 3 passes in a row (on any moment in the game). The game is otherwise finished if 1 of the players doesn't have any letters anymore and there are no more letters in the game. On that moment the endscore is calculated. The endscore is the number of points the player has scored during the game, minus the points still on the rack of that player.

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