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EN Rules tablut ( DE / NL ):

Object of the board game

Tablut is one of the best described board game of a group of board games called the Hneftafl games. These board games are originally from Lapland and are also called Viking games. Tablut is a board game in which the goals are different for every player. Eight blonde Swedish people with their king have to fight against 16 dark Moscovites. The Swedes are supposed to let their king escape to one of the corners of the board, and the Moscovites are supposed to kill the Swedish king. Several rules are known for this board game, chose to play with a variant that has equal winning chances for all players

Starting position of the board game

The starting position of the game is shown below. The king is standing on his throne (also called konakis). The Swedes can start, and in turns the players can move their pieces to an empty field. The pieces of the opponent can be beaten by surrounding them.

Moving the pieces

To move the pieces, these rules apply:
  • All pieces can move only orthogonal (horizontally or vertically), over an undefined number of empty fields, to an empty field. This is comparable with the tower in chess.
  • Only the king is allowed to end on the throne and the corners. Other pieces can move via the throne, but cannot end there.
  • You can only go back and forth in between 2 fields with the same piece three times. This is to prevent repetition of moves.

    Striking normal pieces

    Pieces can only be captured indirectly, by confining them. When a player confines one of the opponent's pieces, with two of his own pieces (orthogonal, not diagonally), the opponent's piece is taken off the board (example: you confine 1 piece horizontally to the right and 1 piece vertically downwards). A piece can also be captured by confining a hostile piece with one of the four corner points (a1, a9, i1, i9). The king cannot participate in the confining.

    Striking the king

    There are slightly different rules for confining the king. You capture the king by enclosing it from four sides (not diagonally), with the opponents pieces. It is also allowed to confine by enclosing the king from three sides and the throne, or a side of the board.

    The end of the board game

    When the king reaches one of the four corners of the board, the Swedes (white) win. When the king of the Swedes is captured, the Muscovites (black) win. When somebody cannot make any more moves (because of confines), he loses the game.

    Rules for draw

    Some board games remain undecided: the game ends in a draw. Both players cannot win anymore, unless the opponent makes a mistake. However, it is not allowed to wait for your opponent to make a mistake by continuing the game endlessly. concludes a draw when:
  • Both players agree
  • When the same setting occurs 3 times *
  • When 50 moves by each player are made and no piece was captured *
    *These points are not automatically detected by
    You can claim a draw by sending the admin a private message. Note your opponent, your game number and explain which move you are planning to make, which will create a draw. The admin will check your claim and when it is valid, approve a draw. Do not make the move already!

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