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EN Rules pico ( DE / NL ):

Introduction and Goal of the Game

Pico is a game by Doris & Frank. Pico is a fast paced card game played over 2 rounds. In the second round, each player receives their opponent's cards from the first round. The player who has the most points after the 2 rounds wins.

Start of Game, Dealing of Cards

There are 13 cards in play: 2 through 13 and the 16 (see below). Each card has a value shown by the number of red dots at the top and bottom respectively. For example, the 16 has 4 points and the card 7 has 2 points.

At the beginning of the first round, each player receives 6 cards face down, which the opponent cannot see. The remaining 13th card is placed face up in the middle. As a result, each player knows his opponent's cards.


On his turn, each player chooses a card that the opponent cannot see. From the place of the card, the opponent cannot deduce which card was chosen.

starting position

When both players have chosen 1 card, both cards are revealed:
  • The higher card wins,
  • unless it is more than twice the height of the lower one. Then the lower card wins!
Three examples to clarify: 9 wins against 7, 8 wins against 4, 3 wins against 8 (8 > 3*2).

The winning card is placed to the side and earns points for its owner. The card that lost is returned to the hand, so it is placed face down in the row again. So, after the first turn, one of the players still has 6 cards and the other 5 cards in hand. In the image below you can see that 8 and 5 were selected and that 8 won (red frames!).


The value of the winning card (the red dots) is added to the owner's score. Below the playing field, the total points of both players are displayed.

2nd Round

A round is over as soon as one of the players has only one card left in their hand (they must have won with the penultimate card immediately before).
The second round is the same as the first, except that each player has each other's cards from the first round. Between round 1 and round 2 there is a blank round to toggle between round 1 and round 2 on Brettspielnetz.

End of the Card Game

The game is over when the second round is over. The winner is the player who has collected the most points over the two rounds.

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