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EN Rules mahjong battle ( DE / NL ):

Introduction and Goal of the Game

Mahjong Battle is a Chinese game for two players played with mahjong tiles.

The aim is to collect more valuable stone pairs than the other. Each pair is worth as much as the mahjong number of the stone (number of symbols for "bamboo" and "coin" or number for the symbol "number").

Material and Start of the Game

There are 108 stones in total. The 3 symbols "Bamboo", "Number" and "Coin" have values from 1 to 9. Each stone appears 4 times (9*3*4=108).

At the beginning all stones are arranged in a rectangle of width 12 and height 9.
It can look like this, for example:


The players take turns. In each turn, a player removes a pair of identical stones. Only free stones may be taken. A stone is free if it can be reached in a straight line from either the top edge or the bottom edge. Warning: Unlike other mahjong games, tiles that can only be reached from the side (right or left) are not free in this game.

At the beginning there are 24 free stones, 12 from above and 12 from below. In the later game, when columns empty, there are fewer. Most of the time, however, not all free stones can be played, since there is no second stone of the same type.
Shown is a slightly more advanced game and the possible stone combinations:

The player who takes a pair gets the number value of the stones (1-9) credited as points. Then it is the next player's turn.

End of Game and Winner

The game ends when players cannot collect any more pairs. At the latest when all the stones are gone, but sometimes earlier.

The player with the most points wins. A tie is possible. In total there are 270 = 2*135 points in play.


You should not only look at the points you take, but also what opportunities you open up for your opponent as a result.

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