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EN Rules carcassonne the castle ( DE / NL ):

Object of the game

Turn by turn, the players place castle tiles within the castle walls. Thereby, they create paths, towers, houses, and courts, on which the players place their followers in order to score points. Players score points during and at the end of the game. The player with the most points at the end is the winner!

Complete rules

The complete original rules can be read here. Below only the specifics for can be found. First read complete rules!

Short explanation playing on

The order of a move on is:
1. First place a tile, click one one of the possible four rotations of the tile by clicking on it, then click on the board where you want to place the tile. You can only make a valid placement. A tile must be placed with one side completely next to a start space along the castle wall or with at least one side completely next to a previously placed tile. Placing a tile only corner on corner or half tile on half tile is not allowed. The paths must always be continued when they touch an edge of a tile.
2. If you still have followers (shown below the board), you may place a follower on the tile just placed. Click on the spot where you want to place your follower. You cannot place a follower if there is already a follower in the same area or road.
3. If you have a (relevant) wall tile you can use it.

Scoring points

Scoring points on is done automatically, this also applies for taking a wall tile. During the game you get points (if you have the majority of followers) for:
  • Completed paths: 1 point per tile (if there is a fountain on the path: 2 points per tile).
  • Completed houses: 1 point per tile, the placement of a keep is done automatically on
  • Completed towers: 2 points per tile.
    If a player places a relevant wall tile, then those extra points are added automatically.

    End of the game

    The game ends at the end of the turn when the last castle tile is placed (or when there are no more tiles with valid placement). At the final scoring a player gets points for:
  • The player with the largest keep, gets as many points as the size of the largest connected area of empty spaces.
  • The player with the most followers on a court scores 3 points for each market on the court.
    If a player has any wall tiles that can be used for the final scoring, then those points ared added automatically. The player with the most points after final scoring wins the game.

    Rule additions

    There are some extra rule additions/clarifications for playing on this site:
  • If you play a bonus tile and you have more then 1 completed feature of that type, the bonus is always applied to the biggest structure.
  • If there are multiple features completed after a turn then first the points for the current player are scored in such a way that he/she gets the optimal number of wall tiles. After that the points of the opponent are scored and he/she gets the least possible number of wall tiles.
  • You can use multiple wall tiles in the same turn (also two of the the same tiles, except the extra turn tile). If you apply 2 tower tiles, then you get 6 points per tile. If you use 2 house tiles you get 3 points per tile. If you have 2 incomplete path, house or tower tiles, then at final scoring those are both applied to the largest construction. This also applies to the market tile, if you have 2 market tiles at final scoring, then the largest court gives you 5 points per market.
  • If you use a wall tile and it cannot be used, then the wall tile is still taken from you!
  • If you use two extra turn tiles in the same turn, then you get only 1 extra turn!
  • The bonus for one incomplete path scores 1 point per tile and fountains do not count!
  • You can see the wall tiles of a player by hovering over the round icon of the player below the board.

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