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EN - Move successful - still minor problems

(Sonntag, 27. August 2023)

Your fingers crossed helped. The last two days have been a bit stressful, but in the end we managed to move our website from Brams Dutch to our Franconian provider. The databases were removed after the site was blocked and re-imported here. So all games, plays, news, results,... should have been moved from BSN and from the forum. Let us know if you're missing something.

There are still a few minor problems:

  • The nightly cron jobs that close expired games, advance tournaments, send reminder emails, and do general cleanup have now failed twice. Minor start-up problems, which should have been fixed today. So tonight is the end of the grace period...
  • Although there are more than 120 people on our site at the same time, so many can play as desired, some players have problems with the login. This can have a variety of causes, some of which were due to us. One of my changes yesterday was too hasty, so buggy and stopped all activities for 20 minutes. Sorry... That shouldn't happen anymore.
  • What other causes are there? I'll list the usual suspects why a login might not work:
    • Are you fresh from Have you already created a user account at Brettspielnetz? If not, then hurry up and do it!
    • You need to clear the browser cache. A few things have changed internally as a result of the changeover and the browser does not see this automatically. So please delete the browser cache! There are instructions for different browsers e.g. B. here: Clear cache .
    • If that doesn't help, delete the Cookies from Brettspielnetz. We haven't changed anything here, but the devil is in the detail.
    • Try a different browser or try a different device. If that works, so if you can play there, check points 1 and 2 again on the first device. If you can't handle it, please ask an expert in your area.
    • If you found out why it got stuck, please report here so that others can benefit from your experience.
  • Now we wish you as much gaming fun in your new home as before! And thank you for all your encouragement, recognition of our work, good wishes and much more!
See you soon,
Ottmar (Mathomo) und InI4
(Translated with


Theadversary, Montag, 28. August 2023 (12:48):
Still keeping my fingers crossed... everything seems to work fine so far. Thank you for your hard work on this - I would be heartbroken if this site were to close.

Google translate:
[Ich drücke immer noch die Daumen... Bisher scheint alles gut zu funktionieren. Vielen Dank für Ihre harte Arbeit - ich wäre untröstlich, wenn diese Seite geschlossen würde.]

Avatar Theadversary

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